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company trustworthy?
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11/23/2010 4:20 PM (PST)

is this company legit?

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11/24/2010 8:25 AM (PST)


What kind of offer are they making to you? According to the terms and conditions on their site, they are only providing a third-party listing service for people looking to sell or rent their timeshares, and are not brokering or otherwise involved in the real estate transactions pursuant.

It worries me a bit that their site was created using a third party free website builder and the email address is from Yahoo. This is something you might expect from a small contractor or retail start-up, but from "Our highly qualified team of experts have been handling your Timeshare needs including but not limited to marketing and advertising, at the same location since 1998, and have just merged internationally and are rapidly growing."???

The domain name "" was registered in September of this year. I have to wonder how much 'timeshare needs' they have been handling from Georgia for the last 12 years without a website.

I would urge caution.

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12/29/2023 10:51 AM (PST)


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