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Is transfe Smart a legitimate company?
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12/5/2010 12:03 PM (PST)

Is transfe Smart a legitimate company? They claim to be able to get rid of your timeshare; payments and all.

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12/6/2010 8:51 AM (PST)


Please see above for links to the company's BBB Report and TrustLink Reviews. On their TrustLink page, you can click the links under "Questions about Transfer on the Spot" and review prior questions and answers posted here on Ask the Community. Thanks.

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12/10/2010 1:03 PM (PST)

If you have an existing mortgage on your timeshare ownership, the ownership cannot be transferred without paying off the loan. There are a number of groups that say they can get a timeshare loan canceled in return for an upfront fee, but upfront fee scams are one of the fastest growing complaints across the country! Don't be fooled.. The most important thing to remember when it comes to the secondary market for timeshares is to never pay any type of upfront fee. Many of these seminars are simply a hard sell presentation to convince you that your ownership is absolutely worthless, and that you in fact need to pay a company thousands of dollars in advance fees to have them take over your ownership.. They then take these properties and sell them for $1. on websites such as eBay.. If you are absolutely desperate to be rid of the unwanted week- save your cash and place an ad on eBay yourself. If it doesn't sell the first time, try again.. You can pay for an awful lot of ads for $2500 to $3500! Another option is to try and contact a respected brokerage specializing in timeshare resales. The Progressive Real Estate Agency accepts both standard listings as well as liquidation listings (for resorts with little resale value) and never requires any type of upfront fee! A legitimate broker or reseller only gets paid at closing! There are literally thousands of timeshare scams right now, simply preying on consumers who don't understand how the secondary market works.. Before making any decision- take the time to do some online research and learn as much as possible to protect yourself from scams! Visit these sources for free information: Good luck!

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