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Is United Home Solutions a legitamate loan modification business?
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9/9/2011 9:26 AM (PST)

Has anyone had dealings with United Home Solutions of Newport Beach- they do home modifications. They ask for a fee upfront before submitting paperwork. I signed up with them and paid my fee of $3696.00 . Last night after reading it was illegal for them to collect a fee in CA before doing the modification I cancelled (put a stop payment) on my check.
How do I find out if they are legitimate?

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9/9/2011 11:50 AM (PST)

I have linked the company report to your question so now you can review our information. Here is some useful additional information.

Effective October, 2009 in California, it is illegal to collect any fees, regardless of the form, for negotiating or attempting to negotiate a loan modification for a residential mortgage. All modification services must be fully completed before any money can be collected. It is also illegal to divide fees or services into components for the purpose of avoiding this law.

HUD approved housing counseling agencies are exempt from this law.

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1/10/2012 8:35 PM (PST)

About Home work with your bank only. Take out your phone# from yellow page.

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1/10/2012 8:40 PM (PST)

Where is Justice!!! We American’s are crying so badly. All of us as we know the thief came through the window, but now days in USA through the phone and bank this is very very dangerous and it is a curse. Where is justice?? Why the government doesn’t take an action when his people are crying? Why it take so long??
This company also known as Priority Mortgage Solutions (PMS), United Financial Solutions, N.L. Loan Servicing and soon at Newport Beach, CA. They said “Different names, but we are under the umbrella of United Home Solutions (UHS)”. They do Home modification and much more to rip off people’s money. They said “We sale a product like Wal-Mart, in USA it is legal to seal a product” what is the answer for this garbage Company?
I will tell you my story when I finished my job.

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1/19/2012 4:41 PM (PST)

ALso goes by the name of N.L. LOAN SERVICING. Both out of NewPort Beach California. Please read reviews on both companies and heed the reviews you read. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these folks. I was duped and I would like to warn you too. They should be ashamed of themselves, taking advantage of those of us trusting them at their word. Is this what capitalism is? Once they took my money I was not contacted, they would not answer my calls; very frustrating. N.L. LOAN SERVICING - charlatan UNITED HOME SOLUTIONS -charlatan

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