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How do I get rid of maint. fee? How much & for what do I need to front?
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11/11/2010 1:49 PM (PST)

I bought a $28K, 3500 point value, Shell time share in Hawaii in 2007. Maint. fee was $725 in 2007, $929 in 2009. What do I do to get rid of it? What can I salvage?

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11/12/2010 10:53 AM (PST)


There are companies that will take title to your timeshare using all of the procedures required by the timeshare company. These companies require that you pay them to take the timeshare off your hands. It sounds counterintuitive but it does get you out from under the continuing obligations and the truth is, there are almost no buyers for timeshares.

Check out this article on the BBB's Facebook page for additional information:

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11/17/2010 8:21 AM (PST)

Timeshare donation groups are unfortunately often just another form of timeshare scam. I've done a bit of research on a number of "charities" and posted that information at this link: Normally, when I'm asked about timeshare donations- I simply recommend a consumer contact a respected timeshare brokerage who does not require any type of upfront fee. Once the property is sold or liquidated (depending on the resale value), you can then take the proceeds and donate the cash from the sale to the charity of your choice. This allows you to ensure your donation goes to a charity that you trust, and also ensures that no legitimate charity accepts a timeshare that they later have difficulty selling.. I've often worked with 501C's who accepted a timeshare donation but had no real knowledge of the resale market. Most were taken themselves by some type of upfront fee scam before finding a reputable broker to help them. If you need help selling or just have other questions- you can contact me via You can also find a list of respected resale brokers who also do not charge any type of upfront fee at the website

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